A Female Dancehall artiste, humiliated on stage by wack MCs – Unprofessional


Two unprofessional MCs joined a boring DJ to interrupt Euni Melo’s solid performance at the just ended Taha awards 2019 edition.

The boring program that saw more artiste performances than award distribution within about 3 solid hours from the beginning of the award begun stressing the crowd and got the place bored.

Euni had some great response and cheers from the crowd who felt she had something that reminded them of ebony reigns, a coordinator who wasn’t happy by her performance complained of time and teamed up with MCs and the DJ to interrupt what was the night’s best performance.
It happened when he asked the manager to allow his artiste perform before the songstress but he disagreed because the MCs had invited Euni Melo already, due to that he used his influence as a member of the Organizers to cut short what would have be the best performance of the night.

It’s such a disgrace to do that to our artistes, the manager of Euni Melo bemoaned.

Watch the video of the interrupted performance below

source Percy Ghface.com

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