Accident on the Krofrom – Suame high way


It was around 11:44 am when the sound of a clash caused people living by the highway to rush out only to be greeted by an accident.

According to those who were at the scene,apparently there was this tricycle driver who was stopped by a passenger and due to the closeness and speed of the low bed articulator driver he was forced to apply the breaks in order not to clash into the tricycle which is popularly known as ‘pragya’ but unfortunately there was a cargo car right behind it speeding that clashed into the low bed full of load and it ended up getting it front mirror smashed and the the drivers side of the car was left in a bad shape
But that’s not all due to speeding the was this ‘trotro’ that also run into the back side of the cargo car and was also terribly damaged

The pragya driver according to onlookers escaped but was traced and brought back when the police arrived.

Story by Akosua Mega

Mixtic Romras

A renowned publicist with multiple awards opened for opportunities and learning

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