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Alifo Debuts New Song “Waiting For You

Alifo decided to released “Waiting For You” out today while busy working on his coming studio album, and the composition is already sounding like it’s going to be a hit with kuchoco reggae music fans.
The lyrics discuss how he’s patiently waiting for that special girl and how he can’t just wait to have her in his life. He makes references to how he got inspired by reggae musician and radio personality, Blakk Rasta and ace producer Zapp Mallet in writing kuchoco reggae songs.
“I got inspired to be part of this kuchoco music genre through the works of Blakk Rasta. With me as a reggae artiste my philosophy is making mankind realizes the moment towards a fulfilling world. And this is what I carry artistically, musically until the well being  and welfare of mankind is secure for all. In the field of song writing , I have a creative Art Director, name Mr. Della Reas who bore so much contribution in the song making. I appreciate the vocal assistant Papa P as well for working with me” he stated.
Alifo has spent his whole life around music, from writing songs as a tot to releasing a new single “Waiting For You” today.
If there’s any one thing about the Ghanaian reggae artist, who records at Titled track Production with popular music producer Zapp Mallet, that stands out, it’s his uniqueness not just in personality, but in approach to music, to sound, and to his seriousness in the music business.
Please listen and share the song below:
Born in the Volta Region Hohoe, by the Guans tribe (Akpafu) in Ghana (West Africa); the artistic ability of an optimistic and trustworthy young man Seth Alifo started at an early age. Whenever he finds himself at an immense state of tranquility, creativity is his nourisher.
During his teens everything he puts up was pleasantly and appreciated by all around him and since that moment art became the driving force of his life. To bring unerring accuracy in art, he looked forward with hope and schooled at the Ghanatta College of Art and Design (Accra — Ghana) where he instinctively developed and matured in the art field.
Over the past periods, he has been researching and practicing in his art career with the willingness to bring out something fine and different in the art. And this has led him to the discovery of a technique he called it AFRO ECCENTRIC WAVES.
Afro eccentric waves technique is the intricate transparent waves of lines and shapes in circular form. A technique that has intrigue many art collectors, art lovers and has change every environments. He normally uses to render his abstract paintings for a great beauty.
His skills in art are unlimited, he emphases on special area like surrealism, romantic art, abstract art, wild life painting, cubism, expressionism, impressionism, water colour expression, portraiture, textile, graphic designing, illustrations.
Due to his excellence in creativity and uniqueness his painting are entering into every part of the world with no boundaries and barriers because we are living art.
Created to hang on,
Stand up,
For bear,
Continue and encourage others.
Peace be unto all humanity.

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