Alphonse Tutu Dasa (African) – Ghanaian Veteran Raggae Musician who worked with Joseph Hill Culture


Alphonse Tutu Dasa (born November 1, 1963) popularly known as African is a song writer and singer, noted for his good melodies and harmonies. He was born in Tarkoradi, the Western Region of Ghana. He hails from the Upper West Region of Ghana, Wa to be precise before relocating to Norway in 1985 in search of greener pastures at the age of 22 but begun his music career in 1985 and he
has being active in the music industry from 1989 till present.

African had a record label with the EMI Records in Norway, 1994.




African started his music career in 1989 when he was 26 years of age. He was previously a DJ, but in 1989 he had a vision from His Majesty, Emperor Hail Selassie to go out and play reggae music; then he started his first Reggae Band, which was called Survival. Within the period of months, Survival Band was called the Scandinavian (Denmark, Sweden, Finland and Norway) Best Reggae Band.

When his music career begun in 1989 with DJing, when he had the call from Emperor, Hail Salasie, he released the Sunshine which was a hit just within some few weeks where 25,000 copies were sold because of the level of his good melodies and harmonies. 4 albums has been released during his music career and still counting.
He has being under the Management of EMI records 1995 -1997, TK records, Norway
1998-2001 and under Self-management till now.
Some shows attended by African was the TMV festival, Norway, Trondheim, 1994, with the likes of Black Uhuru, Gregory Isaac, Rocky Feller Music Hall, Norway, 1995 and Tromso, Norway, 1995.

He also did some Recordings with Sly and Robbie with Peter Torsh band in 1993.

He has the hobby of football, both playing and watching and his icon is Christiano Ronaldo.
His best quote and word of encouragement to anyone he comes across, especially the youth is; “Hard Work Pays”

Encounter with Joseph Hill (Culture)
I fell in love with his music in 1978 at the age of 15. I met him in 1991 July in the Rocker Feller Music hall, Concert hall in Oslo, Norway. He came to perform in the said hall in Norway, as his crew were busily setting up the instruments and equipment for the performance latter in the night, he (Joseph Hill – Culture) had just sat in isolation observing the proceedings, I was also just at one corner of the Concert hall observing proceedings; I just realized a tap on my shoulder, that Culture was calling to have a talk with me, I was like, mehn, I do not know this man from Adam, but the errand man, just said, never worry, just come listen to what he has to say to you, well, I just obliged.


When I got close, the first item he mentioned to me was, hey you are my blood brother from the heart, I have been looking for you all this while, you always listen to my music and you connect with me deep from the heart and I always feel it wherever I am. After talking to him and connecting to him from the soul, he then mentions, I need to come visit him in Jamaica. So I had pay a visit to Jamaica January 1992 to meet him.
On my visit to him, one of the days, he had travel and the son (Kenyatta Hill, then a school boy), came to see me sitting on his father’s personal bed, he just asked, who are you, I said I am; I said to him; I am Alphonse Tutu Dasa, African, he goes out and brings a bowl of ganja and papers to me then goes to school.
On his return, he said, sorry, I did not mean to disrespect you but even the biological brother of the father, does not even has access to his personal bed, but if my father has been able to allow you to his bed, it
means, you mean a lot to him; we become friends since then, even though Kenyatta Hill was still a young school boy.

His departure (Joseph Hill – Culture)
Tears have filled with my eyes as I narrate this; on that faithful Saturday morning of August 19, 2006, I had being playing his collections the whole morning, but deep within, something was seriously wrong, I mentioned to my wife that, something is not just right with me, but still with his music on as I entered a car with my wife to attend a concert. As something had been wrong deep within me since morning, at the concert I just mentioned to my wife to return home, thus I am not feeling well, something deep within is disturbing, while his song was still playing in the car. On my arrival home, a friend just called that if I had heard what has happened to my brother, Culture, I said, what, what I just remembered was my phone was to the east, while I was to the west sobbing like crazy. I went on the internet, and it was demn true, what!
Sufferer is his best song I have ever loved even until now.

1996, I was recording in Music Asylum, in Jamaica, producer and owner (Tony from Nigeria). Tony was amazed to see Kenyatta Hill (the son of Joseph Hill – Culture) with me, and he asked the interest of Kenyatta, “I am interested in being a music engineer, so Tony opted to teach Kenyatta whatever he would need to know to be the music engineer.
Thus, today Kenyatta Hill is continuing the legacy of the late father in the music industry


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