Amerado and Lyrical Joe set social media ablaze with their rap feud.

Derrick Sarfo Kantanka, prevalently known as Amerado, has tossed shots at individual rapper Joseph Gamor otherwise called Lyrical Joe as the pair clash in a lyrical war.

After Amerado was delegated Best Rapper at the fifth version of the 3Music Awards, Lyrical Joe delivered a melody to show his dismay at the coordinators, focusing on that even Amerado realizes he didn’t merit the honor.

Months after the release, Amerado has sent a reply, hammering Lyrical Joe for being excessively proud.

Beside the irate assault, he helps Lyrical Joe to remember how he [Amerado] lauded him [Lyrical Joe] when he was on Tim Westwood TV, a sign that they had a decent relationship until Lyrical Joe’s assault on him.
Sounding certain, Amerado said he will grab the plaque from ‘overseer’ Lyrical Joe.

The intriguing pair has tossed social media entertainment into a free for all after they dropped melodies focused on one another. Melodious Joe, a few hours prior, dropped a tune named ‘Primate’ in which he irritated Amerado.

Amerado didn’t sit around idly as he dropped his very own answer a couple of hours after Lyrical Joe’s tune. The ‘diss’ named ‘Ponky Joe’ has been moving number one on Twitter simply a few minutes after it dropped.

Amerado’s answer has blended a tremendous discussion among fans on who is winning the beef. Fans from the two camps have stood unequivocally behind their top picks.

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