“Artistes Don’t Steal Songs, They Take Inspirations” – Rapper Jessy Gh

Song theft accusation and creative copyrights law violation has off late been the disease diagnosed in most of the current musicians around the country but rapper Jessy Gh thinks otherwise.

The Mala’aka hit maker Jessy Gh,said there’s nothing like thievery in music,rather artistes or musicians take inspirations from other songs to make theirs better,since there is nothing new under the sun.

Reading deeper meaning into what he posted on his facebook handle earlier today, according to him, NO artiste should be accused of “Stealing A Song” because nothing of that nature exists in music creativity and everything that happens in music is all “Inspiration”.

Jessy is almost coming your way again with another creative masterpiece entitled FRIEND,as we keeping jamming to his latest song “Gbelen Gbelen”.

You can stream some of Jessy’s songs below.

Gbelen Gbelen – https://fanlink.to/jessygh

4th June – https://fanlink.to/4thjune

Mala’aka – https://fanlink.to/malaaka

Opinions – https://fanlink.to/opinions

350mb – https://fanlink.to/350mb

Bless Me – https://fanlink.to/blessme

Reach him up on all social media platforms @jessygh.

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