Artistes management in Ghana is becoming a family and friends role, Skilled professionals may quit – Mixtic RomRas

The issue of artiste and manager’s relationship has been an issue in the entertainment industry and getting skilled managers to manage one’s s craft is becoming scares.

Many at times, people prefer to use relative or close friends as their managers ignoring a professional who has what it takes to walk an artiste to the limelight.

Brand expert and entertainment critique Mixtic RomRas has touched on the issue, the need to get the right people do the job. He argued that the way things are going, Skilled mangers will lose its value in the music chain.

He also cited instances where skilled managers are given little or no resources but are expected to do so much within a given space.

This was what Mixtic posted on his Facebook wall

The role of artistes manager is becoming a family and friends role bcos professionals with management skills are only improvising with limited resources for talents with almost no resources or commitment to the art.
They have nothing to offer yet expect soo much from the Manager.

This is becoming a serious challenge and without any attention, that role would just be irrelevant in the music chain unless one is doing a favor or improvising the least.

Will you blame lack of resources or mistrust on the part of artiste mangers? That is an argument one has to defend.

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