Arts And Tourism Sectors Need Strategic Planning And Investment For Global Appeal

Over the years, we have adored and wished to have a nation with a magnificent,exquisite and enviable infrastructure in both the arts and tourism sectors. They can’t be attained by fluke. Never! Hard work and consistency are the way to such feat. Perhaps, you still think the arts sector is made up of the music and film industries.

No! It encompasses industries of poetry, sculpture, arts drawing, carving, weaving, fashion and beauticians(barbers, hairdressers and makeup artists). On the tourism side, there are hotels, restaurants, lodges, guest houses, zoos, botanical gardens,aqua arenas and sporting arenas. In order for these to see the light of day, there ought to be a laid down combination of expertise, long term planning, finance and location.

Some keys factors to consider for attractive sectors to meet global interest. To explain my combined elements are as follows:

Securing the services of experts in the mentioned fields is the bedrock to the attraction of these sectors. Most wealthy global companies such as Microsoft, Nike, Alibaba and Adidas needed and still need expertise to function and make huge returns. They do that make be attractive globally.

Same approach must be used in the arts and sector if we really want to a make an indelible mark on the global map. A lot of achievers and experience folks are around to aid. Frantically, an expert shouldn’t be appointed on a board based on political affiliation. It’s high time, we stop this practice. It’s unprofessional and infantile

Long Term Planning; Undoubtedly, for every well structured organization to function effectively and yield huge results, the leaders propose and act upon a plan which will last long so it can be well followed even in their absence. This is not different from the aforementioned sectors.

People in charge and experts should build arts and tourism learning centers to educate citizens and tourists across the country. That notwithstanding, talented and interested individuals in the said fields can enroll to pursue courses to enhance career progression. Graduates may someday get the chance to teach potential artistic people. This happens in the advance countries. A generational cycle legacy.

Don’t forget it leads to self employment as well. It can be well done on this land once we tune in with the right mindset and work.Also, the renovation of deplorable arts and touristic centers for a great appeal. The leaders should map out a regular maintenance check on such facilities. Obviously, if they aren’t eye pleasing, low or no patronage will be the results. More importantly, these plans should be devoid of partisan politics. Never!

In order for every project to materialize, it has to do with a Cedi or dollar. After the expertise and planning, there comes money to achieve set targets. A realistic budget should be prepared for their establishments and expansion.

Building of learning centers such as movie and music studios, national theaters, tourism museums, make up studios, fashion schools, weaving schools and carving/sculpture schools to meet world standard. Also, employing competent and hardworking people to run such institutions to generate revenue for the institutions and the state at large.

The location of every project is very imperative. My marketing lecturer once said, ‘ Don’t locate anywhere because you need a place to sell your products. Look for a strategic place which will suit the available market. Branding is the force of customer persuasion’. Very brilliant quote huh? The geographical identity of arts and tourism learning centers must be done at suitable place for learners to comfort themselves. Also, the location tells seriousness of a project. Access to patronage at all times.

A bit of touristic comparison. Rwanda, nation widely known for its genocide back in 1994 has gathered her pieces to build an enviable tourism centers on the continent. One lovely place is their tourism museum. Not forgetting the unprecedented deal with premier league side, Arsenal.

They have signed partnership deal with the said the team to advertise Paul Kagame’s country on the team’s shirt, precisely on the left arm with an inscription, ‘Visit Rwanda’. Can Ghana do this? Yes, we can! It takes proper and strategic planning to shine globally.

A word to a wise. Well cherished readers, I passionately end my piece with both artistic and touristic quotes, ‘Arts is like an inexhaustible resource, utilize it to transform society and makind’. ‘Tourism is an avenue through which a geographically identity afar becomes a haven irrespective of the tourist distance’.

Written Dannie Black – A proponent of tourism and radio personality

Mixtic Romras

A renowned publicist with multiple awards opened for opportunities and learning

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