Barima Sidney captures parliament happenings in his new song “The 8th Parliament”

Barima Sidney captures “Parliament Happenings in his new song

Ghanaian musician Sidney Ofori popularly known as ‘Barima Sidney’ has lambasted the 8th Parliamentarians in the country in his latest single.

In the song, the ‘our money’ hitmaker castigated Members of Parliament for the uncouth behavior they keep exhibiting in the house.

As creative as Sidney is, he poured his heart out by narrating how ballot papers were snatched as they (MPs) were electing a Speaker of Parliament last year (January 7, 2021).

Adding that it’s about time parliamentarians realize the youth look up to them as role models and for that matter should act accordingly.

In the same song, Sidney emphasized that the battle between parliamentarians should be between ideas not a battle for chairs.

As he believes innovative ideas are the way forward not fighting over seats in the house.

Barima Sidney added that both majority and minority in parliament should put their differences aside and focus on building a better Ghana.

He, however, concluded by calling on both the Majority and Minority Leaders to show mature leadership in the next sitting, since Ghanaians are looking  up to them

Listen to the song here


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