Beef : AKiyana Is My Dancehall Sister And I Won’t Beef Her – Euni Melo

For the past few days , Social media has been set ablaze with boiling beef songs and instant replies between three of the Ghanaian female acts.

Precisely two sensational rappers and a highlife songstress cum a rapper which gathered more attention for the genres involved , leaving out the dancehall genre.

As a result of this abnormal silent unlike of the dancehall culture , a fan has decided to forced a beef between the dancehall lyrical Layaness Euni Melo and another rising dancehall act Akiyana.

Responding to the beef , the “seasons” crooner Euni Melo stated clearly without hesitation that she is very cool and in a good friendship with Akiyana who happens to be her dancehall sister as well.

Akiyana is my dancehall sister and I wont beef her – Euni Melo

And since they are in good terms as dancehall songstresses , they cannot beef each other but will stand strong and win together for the future of Ghana’s dancehall genre.

This is what she said

“These 2 awards you see me holding,
One is mine and the other for Akiyana.
I was happy to accept that for her and it was a wonderful experience doing so for my Dancehall sister.
We stand together and win together, we are the future of The Female version of Gh Dancehall.”

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