Story by Jonathan Thompson.

If there is one person who has known hardship and lives to tell it through music, then new sensation on the music block, DCEEY is the one.

Born and Christined Simon Prah Aidoo, DCEEY has pledged to use his music career to free the oppressed and tell the stories of the poor and marginalised in society.

The young sensation, whose versatility cuts across all genres including high life, afropop and hip life, uses his songs to motivate people who are going through one hardship or another, telling them not to give up. He does this expertly combining both motivation and entertainment in one creative piece.

His latest single, titled ” Enjoy Life” is a masterpiece which sums up the purpose and motivation for entering the music industry.

” Enjoy Life” is a nice high life piece which talks about the need for one to press on and find solace in every area of life no matter the hard times.

” If you believe in God and put in more work with whatever you do, you are going to be successful. So,though life can sometimes be hard, you need to be positive minded and enjoy life.” DCEEY said.

DCEEY is also well noted for churning out other great hits which are making waves online and on various radio stations across the country such “Yenti” and ” Jah Jah Bless Me”.

The rising talent pledged to redeem the oppressed and marginalised with his songs owing to the harsh experiences he went through as a child.

” I was teased, bullied and mocked because my family was poor and I had to help my mother by hawking bread early in the morning before going to school.”

DCEEY, now a graduate from NIIT, an I.T. school in Accra, recalled how he blacked out one day after playing football and getting home. According to him, he was hospitalised for a long time and his family spent a lot on his medical bills. This, he said, had toll on the family’s finances, plunging them into hard times, hence he had to support the family by hawking.

” Now, I am focused on my music career, hoping to redeem my family from the hard times my hospitalization put them through” he said.

DCEEY Hopes to make waves in the music industry as he has more hit songs up his creative sleeves.


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