Corona Virus! Pizarea Cautions Everyone to be safe, stay home and order food online

Pizarea, the number one food ordering business in Africa have released new images to caution customers about the deadly Corona virus, the new images have messages targeted to the public informing them about how to stay safe.

People are worried and scared about the dangers that accompanies the deadly Corona virus and as a caring online food delivery business Pizarea is trying to reduce the fear by assuring it’s customers of online food ordering and delivery in any case where they may decide to stay home for safety reasons.

Also some of the images educates the public on hand washing and the use of sanitizers as the precautionary measures to help reduce the fast spread of the virus.

All you need to do is to visit pizarea.com and make an other for your meal to be delivered to you home.

It’s safe , healthy and convinient

Find below some of the images

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