Court Freed Policeman Who Assaulted Woman at Midland Savings And Loans



Lance Corporal Fredrick Amanor, a policeman who allegedly beat up a woman at Shiashe branch of Midland Saving and Loan Company Limited on July 19 2018 has been discharged by Accra Circuit Court.


This policeman who is also popularly known as Skalla was charged with assult for beating up Ms Osafo Patience, a customer who went there to redraw to her money. The other two workers there who were also charged to have aided in the beating of Ms Osafo has also been discharged.


The court discharged the policeman because Ms  Osafo failed to appear before the court to testify and also failed to involve herself in the police investigation. The court described this as lack of Interest by Ms Osafo leading to the discharged of Lance Corporal Fredrick Amanor.



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