Danny Lampo spotted With D’wante Navire

Danny Lampo is a Uk based Ghanaian Afro Dancehall artist,He was spotted over the weekend in London with one of the best afrotwang producers and artist D’wante Navire.

When you first encounter the name Dwante Navire, it peaks your interest. D’wante being an anagram of ‘wanted’ and Navire referring to a ‘vessel’, the man behind this creative name explains that his aim as an artist is to be both useful and in demand.

A Singer Songwriter, and producer, D’wante Navire, of Ghanaian heritage, resides in the UK. His artistry, however, has not lost its roots. In fact, he has pioneered his own signature sound which he has branded AfroTwang: a blend of Afrobeats and R&B.

As any true artist, his music is an embodiment of who he is and reflects his upbringing – blending together influences from both African and Western society.

‘Vibe your inner niche’ is D’wante Navire’s personal motto. He believes that everybody has something unique to offer this world and one won’t be truly happy until they find it. There is space enough for everybody to showcase their unique ability in whichever field they may find themselves.
Linking up with Danny Lampo makes us Smile something fish, You can see both of them handling cash which says a lot.

We await to see what they have in stock for their fans and Music lovers.

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