Debbielyn Jackson To Educate The Youth On Things We Used To Do In The Olden Days.


A popularly Ghanaian female broadcast journalist Debbielyn Jackson is set to educate and entertain her viewers and the general public as whole on things we used to do in the Olden Days as Ghanaians on “Hitz Factory” show on 10th July,2020.

Debbielyn Jackson (a.k.a Ohemaa prove dem wrong) who is known of interviewing upcoming artists revealed this information on “Hitz Factory” show last week Friday. According to Debbielyn, she said because of this modern world style of living, the things we used to do as Ghanaians like our olden days style of dressing, the food we used to eat and even the kind of games we used to play has all varnished,we do them no more.

Debbielyn Jackson asked “if we stick or keep on to this modern style of living, what will our upcoming children/kids that we always claim they are the future leaders learn or know about the past?” They will know nothing about our culture. ‘Ohemaa prove dem wrong’ again added that the upcoming children/kids need to know about our culture and it’s benefits that’s why she is ready and set to educate Ghanaians especially the youth on “the olden days style of living.

Again, Debbielyn Jackson added that she will be teaching and educating her viewers on some background history of ‘dresses and dressings and games’ played in Ghana that are no more been played or seen.

She finally pleaded with her viewers and the general public to keep on supporting her because she has a lot to offer the world.

Source: Bigails Amonoo

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