Protesters everywhere, news around the globe profess clashes, riots, looting etc. placards, banners, paintings, flags all raised with the hash tag black lives matter. But does it really matter?

From years before until now, all that has been read about blacks are slavery, poverty, social vices, aliens, monkeys even shitholes. The blood of blacks has been splashed in every way one can imagine.

The more death stings, the greater the breed. We survive, we strive tooth and nail for our survival. Our strength together strikes the earth to quake. Our voice thunders around like the roars of the sea which can never be shut down. Isn’t that what we are seeing today?

Over fourteen countries both young and old, white and black are rallying the streets amid a pandemic to prove a point that indeed black lives matter. Yes, it does. It will never be silent, our blood speaks and the skin sparkles as flames of fire toward the sun.

Our footprints are all over the world, from beginning till now, thus the 12% population in your possession is nothing as compared to the percentage globally. You could go ahead to make the few in your possession lifeless, but be on the lookout for the black skin strikes!

It’s never relentless, never can it be shoved under the carpet. Take a look at what Africa is doing to your Covid. It will never penetrate the skin as long as it is made by you.

Our skin and blood are wall bricks against your spanks and wherever you hit, be assured, a thousand times better we shall resound. Bring it on, racism, man slaughter, deprivation of entry into some schools and organizations the dos and don’ts; just reminisce which one has shaken us so badly we run to the mud for refuge?

Be on the guard, your racial injustices, manslaughter and the likes are all on your hands and when the repercussions occur, blacks shall be there on their feet to see you coil as you are doing in the face of this pandemic.

Yes, racial injustice has been around for long and with time it seems like things have worsened. It will take protests of black folks, indigenous nations, witches, Asians, and others to get four men convicted for a crime we all witnessed.

We have rules like don’t put your hands in your pocket, don’t put your hoodie on, don’t be outside with no shirt on, don’t be out too late, don’t touch anything you’re not buying, never leave a store without a receipt or bag, never make it look like there’s an altercation between you and someone else, never leave your house without your ID, don’t go out in the public we need you,  don’t ride with the music too loud, if the cops stops you and is talking to you, don’t talk back, just compromise.  If you ever get pulled over, hands on the dash board etc.

Presidents; former and present, religious leaders and numerous more have spoken with speeches read out loud in support of black lives matter but its structural problems still allow police officers to remain on payrolls while brutalizing black people.

In this defining moment, cries are made for laws to be created and enforced to prevent the death and brutality of another innocent black person. But until they come to the realization that, their countries were built on the backs of blacks all across the globe, our faces will never leave theirs.

We belong everywhere here on this earth, and if we are refused a share, they won’t have it either because we will strike till hell break loose. That’s what we are saying, and you have to understand that. You know what you have done to us, all across the country and our blood shall forever remain on your hands.

Prophet Mohammed was first to say that no person is above another by virtue of race or ethnicity. He condemned racism saying all mankind are descendants of Adam and Eve and no Arab has superiority over a non-Arab, and vice versa. Neither does a white over a black or vice a vice, except by piety or good action.

Ever since then, this message has inspired all to strive for racial equality and justice for all. There are tens of thousands of pilgrims who come all the way from over the world. They come with more colors from blue eyed blonds to black skins Africans participating in the same ritual, displaying a spirit of unity and brotherhood.

He actively challenged and dismantled covert, the overt and the systematic racism around him. He identified racism as a symptom and identified it root cause as arrogance in human heart.

As our world become more and more diverse and inter connected, it is imperative that we desist from racism because a person is not distinguished over another not by race but the quality of one’s character and conduct

But America in past experiences want us to believe, never could there be existence between the white and the blacks. Never has it been seen of true and sincere brotherhood being practiced by all colors together.

Killings of the innocent, dated way back, from names heard till George Floyd, yet no justice has been executed and riots are still on going. Blacks demand, equality not revenge.

Equality because, our revenge will turn the world upside down. The pain, strife and anger could turn us into a billion troop overcoming the world in a split second. Tell that to the Americans.

It baffles my mind as to how they go to the boutique and pick black clothes and purses. Black shoes and bags, black lipsticks and even black hairs. Some of you racists even have black hair, why don’t you take them off or get them dyed? It’s pathetic; you like the black man made, but not the black God made.

You go about picking flowers with different colors, your wardrobes are full of different colors of accessories matching your outfits, in your little minds it makes you beautiful. But as to how God created different colors, it never comes to mind.

Imagine everything being white, from snow to clothes, skin to hair, water bodies to fishes and animals etc. it will be awful right? That’s how God in his own beauty made different colors to brighten up His own creation.

Why don’t you equally kill the black animals, from dogs, to sheep to chickens etc. why humans? I don’t really know what point you want to prove but you’re being senseless.

The black race will never fade, no matter the killings or persecution, our lives will forever matter, as part of God’s creation, we shall live forever on.

Mixtic Romras

A renowned publicist with multiple awards opened for opportunities and learning

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