Edem inspires me but I also like Shata Wale’s business mind- Lofty Fullpage

The showbiz industry have been competitive in recent times but how to acquire the cash is a major factor in determining one’s success in the industry.

Edem have been on the lips of music lovers and industry players since introduced by Hammer and the last two. Is been more than 10years and he is still active and releasing bangers upon bangers with his recent one “Xetoto” the ish in town. Lofty who have been on the rise and making efforts to hit mainstream any moment as soon as possible hinted that he will be doing a collaboration with the Ghana music legend very soon.

He outlined that he learns a lot from the experience man get inspirations from him because when you look at where they started from and how they made it is unpredictable. The industry was made great with that generation of artists. When asked on his view on recent happening between Shatta Wale and Sarkodie, he was too clever to say only few words by praising both of them. Sarkodie is a legend, he knows what to do at the right time. And for Shatta Wale, I can’t say much but am happy for the insight he is giving us,the business aspect of music hells us make the money and still invest in others. It makes him unique.

Lofty fullpage held his first ever concert at Odorkor on 22nd December dubbed “Music night with Lofty” which saw a lot of artist such as Chimny Crane, Tyra Meek, Uni Melo etc grace the occasion.

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