Euni Melo’s Post About Becca’s Bleaching Will Shock You

Rebecca Acheampong known as Becca in the music sphere has been in the news for a while now and obviously not for any good reasons according to the masses.

And this has pushed the budding dancehall songstress Euni Melo to also add her voice to this current trend , which is Becca’s Bleaching of Skin Complexion.

According to the GOME New Act, Euni Melo, She doesn’t see anything wrong with Becca bleaching her skin to the whitest complexion that pleases her ,to become the female version of the pop singer Michael Jackson.

further pressing that everybody has a right to choose what’s absolutely good for her and she, Becca has also chose to become an African white woman and that’s strictly her decision not anybody’s so she should be left to be.

She said, She loves Becca despite her current complexion and the bad talks it attracted to her, since she still sings to entertain as she always does.

The PPP records signed Award winning artiste, Euni Melo has blessed the public and music lovers with extremely good songs and quality videos to match it.

The songs recorded by the lyrical layaness are not just mere songs but songs with content and relatable lyrics.

You can check them out on all online stores.

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