Fante Ladies Are Foolish – Prophet Kobi


Prophet Badu Kobby,the founder of Glorious Wave Church International has been seen causing a tribalistic war on social media and many radio & TV channels because of his teachings recently.

In a viral video on social media, Prophet Badu was found saying Fante women are sometimes Foolish and Ewe ladies can be classified as doormat but none of his church members should marry an Ashanti woman.

This renowned clergyman said:

“Fante ladies are sometimes stupid and Ewes are doormat but when you marry an Ashanti Lady, you have imported problems. I’ve done research over the years and it shows that Ashanti women are greedy,,eye red, looking for properties, materialistic, disrespectful and money conscious”

He continued to say Ashanti ladies do not have respect for broke men but only associate themselves with rich men.

All these accusations Prophet Badu Kobi made about some of these women from different tribes is to tell his church members not to marry Ashanti  ladies because they are not marriage materials

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