Five New Artistes Volta Must Pay Attention To


As the Volta Showbiz Industry keeps expanding and growing, the young talents keeps joining the race to exhibit their talent and hard work.

Meet 5 five new acts Volta must pay attention to.

Blaze Bwoy

Amegatse Fred known in the showbiz fraternity as Blaze Bwoy who hails from Agotime Kpetoe in Volta Region but currently in Ho. He started music in 2014, but started catching the attention of people in 2019 by the help of TeamEga which spare headed by Remy J. He does Dancehall and have 4 songs to his credit . Blaze Bwoy has played a lot shows in 2019 where he performance wooow the audience. He currently has 3 nominations in Volta Music Awards 2020. Blaze Boy’s attitude towards his music career is very amazing. He currently have gave a spectacular performance at just ended Volta Music Awards Nominees jam where many people attest to the fact that, he’s among the best person that night. Volta must keep an eye on him and motivate him to do more.
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Koran Gh

Derrick Enam Dzah know in the Showbiz circle as Koran Gh hails from Sokode Gborgame in the Volta Region. He’s an Afrobeat artiste who’s songs have been making waves in the Volta Music Industry. Koran Gh rebranded from Young Koran to Koran Gh last year 2019 where he officially started music and was reintroduce in the musical scene by the Ewegang Boss Agbeshie with a collaboration song with him dubbed Emenyanya. After his introduction, Koran have never stop working hard to improve upon his craft, he currently has 4 songs to his credit. Koran again put up his own show in Sokode in 2019 called “Made In Sokode” he performed on many stages including Edemfest. He’s the leader of The Battalions and a member of Ewegang family with 3 nominations for Volta Music Awards 2020. His performance at just ended Volta Music Awards Nominees jam Akatsi depict creativity on stage which became the talk of the town after the jams.The Volta must pay more attention to his craft and encourage him to work more in developing it.
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Kpese Boii

Kpese Boii known in real life as Azadzi Gideon and formally known as Yung Palo. He hails from Avenorpedo a suburb of Abor in the Volta Region.
Kpese Boii is well known as a Hip hop artiste who is paving way into the music industry gradually with his lyrical content. He began active music in 2018 with his first single “Kpese” . He currently has about 7 songs to his credit. His performance at just ended Volta Music Awards Nominees Jams was exceptional which caught the attention of the whole Volta (audience and artistes) present at the show. Kpese who is without a record label is doing well and looking forward to be signed very soon. He is one artiste Volta must not joke with because the future looks bright.
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Rhena Blaq

Dablah Mawusi Regina known with stage name as Rhena Blaq is an Afropop, R&B and Dancehall artiste who hails from Aflao in Volta Region. She’s currently being managed by the African Multimedia.
Rhena has just joined the creative space with a new single dubbed “Radio” which is really doing well both online and off line but she’s has performed at different shows where she exhibit her strength when it comes to freestyle, also she was featured by Quotemax on his Cantovi. Looking at the lyrics and her delivery in her Radio song, Rhena has a lot serve the Music Industry so Volta shouldn’t hesitate promoting her career outside Volta.
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Alatevi Korbla John who is well known in the showbiz fraternity as Ayoni. He hails from Aflao in the Volta Region. Ayoni is a versatile artiste but love to do Dancehall, Reggae and Afrobeat most. He’s currently managed by Africans Multimedia. Ayoni has been featured by some great artistes in the region. Even Ayoni is yet to release his first single, he has performed on a lot of stages including Edemfest where he displayed and energetic performance. Ayoni is another artiste Volta must not leave at all looking at his creativity and acapella freestyles on stage.
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