FLAV RADIO’s Newest Hip-Hop Show “Lyricist Lounge” Groovy On Airwaves


The culture of hip hop goes way back to the beginning of the twentieth century. It has different ways of getting enthusiasts thrilled. Very infectious culture- the beat,dance,rapping,Mcing, djing, the dress code and the graffiti accompanied by it simply makes this genre of music the most followed and idolized across the globe specifically by African- Americans. Even with Africans on this content. No qualms!

With radio, it core demand by listeners are entertainment and education. Shortened by the youth as ‘edutainment’. Ghana’s finest online radio network, Flav Radio, based in Dansoman Estates,Accra- Ghana has carved an enviable niche for itself as the nation’s talked about online radio especially on its newest weekend hip hop show dubbed ‘Lyricist Lounge’ from 10am to midday on Saturdays.This show is three months old but a absolutely captivating. Exciting segments on the show are ‘Lyricist News’ which brings listeners news about rappers,producers and anyone connect to the aforementioned genre of music. Another fantastic segment is the ‘Bars’ segment- an interview session with rappers,producers,Djs, presenters and followers of hip hop. In hip hop, bars means dope words or lines in song. The Last segment is the ‘Culture History’ where we refresh memories of listeners on how this musical genre came into existence, which people popularized it of which legends such as African Bambaataa, Kurtis Blow,Grandmaster Flowers and Grandmasters Flash come to mind whenever this musical genre is being said or written. Also which neighbourhood in the States first made it their preferred kind of music. How the elements of this genre emerged and what have you. This show is hosted by the senior most lyricist, Dj Flavour and the philosophical Dannie Black. Two of hip-hop’s grand poobah’s (kingpins) on the motherland and beyond

Hosts Profiles. On the 20th of August, 1980, a lad was born to this world named Albert Asare to Mrs and Mrs Asare in Accra. Had passion for music as a youngster at Premier International School at Laterbiokoshie, a known suburb in Accra. Continued this passion for music as teenager on the campus of Ghana National College aka ‘Nananom’ in Cape Coast. Interestingly,his got his nickname, ‘Flavour’ from a dance he exceptionally performed at secondary school. The crave for hip hop didn’t die out as he elevated it when admitted to Koforidua Polytechnic(now Koforidua Technical University) from 2000 to 2002 where he cut his cut his teeth in professional radio and Djing because he loved to it. He holds an HND in marketing and certificate in journalism. Worked with Gentlemen Radio, Lens Radio. He is also a very good pianist- he can match John Legend on the black and white keys on anyday and as well as a dope basketball player, undoubtedly, Ghana’s version of Steve Kerr( current of coach 2018 champions side, Golden State Warriors). One of his ambitions is to own both radio and television stations to give the young ones a platform to expose their talents in this space

On a divine day, 22nd day of the eleventh month, a swarthy lad came unto this planet. Kudos to Mrs and Mensah. I’m named Daniel Murphy-Mensah. Born in Accra. Had my primary education Providence International School at Kotobabi,Accra and completed Sonrise Christian International School. It was at Sonrise that I had carved the penchant for hip hop. Formed a clan with mates like Mawuli and Divine(now based in Czech Republic). I grew up listening to Tupac but I didn’t understand most of his lyrics,perhaps they were beyond my IQ level. But,now I’m a die hard fan of him. I love his songs beyond measure lol. But 50 Cent’s G-Unit got me more enthused about this genre of music. Continued at secondary school where I emceed entertainment programmes.My popularity increased on campus as a household brand. My nickname is represents my proud complexion- that’s black. So black for ‘Black’. Acquired diploma in marketing and human resource management at Institute of Commerce Management and certificate in journalism. Currently pursuing a degree program in political science and information studies by distance education at Ghana’s premier university which needs no further introduction. University of Ghana! A casual pundit on entertainment shows on Radio Universe, a radio network on Legon campus. One big ambition of mine is to own multiple media houses, both radio and television to nurture potential media and music greats. Another is to own a hospital to help society because sound wealth comes from sound health. Dream big! Hustle Big! Act big!

The ‘Lyricist Lounge Show’ airs on Saturdays on Flav Radio via www.modernghana.com

Written By Dannie Black & Dj Flavour 📻🎚️🌠

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