Four(4) signs she is madly in love with you.

1. She loves spending time with you

Love is always sweet when two loving hearts spend time together. Most women who are in love like spending their time with their significant other. They keep on asking for more time together, eager to showcase their passion more each day to win your heart. It is one of the signs that you should never ignore in a woman who has developed a keen interest in you.

2. She likes being in touch

A woman who loves you likes being in touch with you every time. It’s one of the ways she will want you to understand her feelings and love. Most of them will call you, text, or Facebook you on social media. A woman will often stay in touch, and maintain contact through out the relationship to always remain close to you, no matter the distance.

3. She stalks your social media every time

Women are always funny whenever they fall in love. They tend to change their behavior and start doing things that will please your eyes to win your heart. Whenever they are obsessed with you, they tend to stalk your social media accounts liking your pictures and your old posts. They do that to get your attention and make you feel her in both the virtual world and the real world.

4. She listens to you

A loving and caring woman always pays attention to that special person. She is always there whenever you need her most and also at the time when the relationship is experiencing challenges. Most women who are in love will never let you go quickly. She will take note of all of your details to please and make you understand her feelings on you.

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