France’s Songster LB2 TourBillon Is Now OneLion, CHANGE of Stage-Name


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After a series rebranding deliberations with his team, LB2 TourBillon finally arrives at a new name for his brand. The songster is now called OneLion.

under the his name OneLion, the team aims at putting out music that is a more upgrade version of that LB2 TourBillon made. The team is working extra hard to get OneLion far further than before by international collaborations with top stars in Africa, France Europe and America.

Already, fans are to expect OneLion’s ready collaborations with Jahyelova, Cesar, Shatty Dolla, Shatty Livity, Foxy Dana, Kail, Ali Krismatik, JBH [Julbelhomme] and more others.

All LB2 previously LB2 TourBillon songs will be renamed to OneLion to curtail possible brand confusion among existing or future fans. Also, to keep one image for the artiste.

The new name OneLion takes effect from April when a new song will be released at the end of the global CoronaVirus lockdown. .

…PUBLISHED on 26 March, 2020.

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