Having Big Buttocks Is The New Confidential Degree For Ladies – Jessy

Having a big buttocks is the new confidential degree for ladies , Jessy reveals.

Prolific songwriter and Rap/ Afro-beats artiste of Agbeyame fame , Jessy has finally opened keys on the other form of “tertiary” certificate currently in use but solely awarded to the female gender , thus buttocks not any ordinary buttocks but a big one.

In a Facebook post made by the rising rap force and My Lady singer , he disclosed that being endowed with curvy hips and mouth watering buttocks as we see flooding our social media platforms are actually the secret new degree ladies ride on for everything at the moment.

Hence enabling any lady with super attracting and protruded butts form to easily afford and have her way around everything of her choice being It a material item or a job.

“Big Buttocks Is The New Confidential Degree” – he posted !

Big buttocks is the new confidential degree - Jessy
Big Buttocks is the new confidential degree- Jessy

Check out this trending bop from jessy tagged My Lady.

Audiomack –https://audiomack.com/song/jessygh/my-lady


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