‘I don’t wear my ring always doesn’t mean we are divorced’ – Patapaa’s wife breaks her silence

Liha Miller, the spouse of performer Patapaa, has responded to claims that the couple’s marriage is rough and nearly finishing.

Liha in a meeting with Zionfelix has made sense of she was truly astounded when the reports broke out via web-based entertainment since there were false.

As per her, regardless of whether the reports were valid, they ought to have come from her and not so much for her to find out about it via online entertainment.

Reports were overflowing half a month prior that the couple have headed out in a different direction in the wake of securing the bunch in a grave service in January 2021 which has been honored with a child.

The performer in a post which looked to affirm the hypotheses faulted blogger Zionfelix for the turnout of occasions.

He is quoted to have said: “It’s because of this guy I don’t want to see my wife again. He is the problem between I and my wife“.

Be that as it may, explaining issues in a meeting, Liha conceded each marriage has its own concerns and theirs could be no special case.

“The fact that I don’t wear my ring always doesn’t mean we are divorced and even if our marriage is troubled, nobody has the right to talk about it and make recommendations for us except ourselves and parents,” Liha told Zionfelix in the interview”.

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