Is Euni Melo’s Naapk3 Video A Copy Of Ebony’s Maame Hwe?

The new video making waves across the country is being likened to the late Ebony Reign’s Maame Hwe video. This looks amazing but looking at it closely, there are some few things in common but are they really enough to conclude its a copying of concepts? Let’s see

Both have a story concept , for which Ebony spoke of violence and Euni Melo sang about jealousy.

Both saw some acting of roles to visualize the lyrics used in the song

Both Euni Melo and The late Ebony are artistes of a similar genre but got the Maame hwe and Naakp3 as unique styles to show their versatility.

Most importantly , both where sung in local dialects, twi for ebony and Ga for Euni Melo with a traditional setting in terms of location and costuming.

Well it may look like these stuff got some common features but was the concept really a copy or just a shared coincidence??

Watch Naakp3 Here

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