It Doesn’t Cost Much To Project Upcoming Artistes On Your Media Platform

Undisputedly, the world is a global village. The work one does for another is being monitored of both the benefactor cum the beneficiary simply have no idea who is keep track of your the good deeds. As they saying say goes, ‘ One good turn deserves another’.

In our showbiz industry, there a lot of talented upcoming(unheard/unseen) artistes who on daily basis yearn for great help from media folks( presenters,djs, writers, promoters, movie directors, and event organizers). Arguably, just a very few get support.

A harmless question I ask; Will it cost that much to project that amazing artistic talent on your platform? In a chat with a friend radio/Tv presenter based in Nigeria, he frankly told me his colleagues in the media profession (from music, movie to fashion) are always ready to support budding talents because they strongly believe in ‘generational’ dominance in the showbiz industry. I was speechless for few seconds and sighed before ending the conversation.

Even though some media practitioners are immensely aiding the unheard young ones, others who fall within the majority space are unwillingly to push the agenda of these artistes. Some djs play more foreign songs while these talents beg for three hundred seconds of air play. I’m making a passionate to the my folks in media especially those not supporting the agenda to begin join the ‘home support’ bandwagon for a vibrant and successful industry.

They are just like your younger siblings therefore help bring out the best in them. Also, encourage and coach if you can. It’s about we solidified and made our industry uniting and very appealing to those superb talents out there. Factually, the current creme-de-la- creme artistes didn’t turn super stars overnight.

They rose through the ranks from scratch. It’s a global phenomenon in showbiz. Unknowingly, an artiste you immensely support today may be your great source of aid tomorrow. The future is unpredictable.

The young must grow so let’s all unite to elevate our young and vibrant artistes to height of global prominence. I humbly end my piece with an artistic quote, ‘ Art is both an abstract and a concrete theatric which soothe varied souls’.

Written by Dannie Black- Radio Personality/Tourism Proponent/Brands-Marketing Practitioner/MC/Tutor

Source: www.youngprss.com

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