Lebanese man in a viral video arrest by Ghana police.

The Greater Accra Regional Police Command have arrested the Lebanese who pulled out a machete and threatened to behead a Ghanaian trader at Osu.

In what was seen as an argument at a parking lot, a Labanese man was seen in a viral video trying to use his sword on an unidentified man who took asylum in a shop.

The Embassy of Lebanon called for the arrest one of its own in Ghana for threatening to behead an unidentified man.

In a viral video on Tuesday, April 12, 2022, a man alleged to be a Lebanese is seen angrily daring an unidentified man to face off with him.

Spotted with a sword, the man was seen vowing to behead the man he is pursuing.

After spotting the viral video, the Lebanon Embassy has said it rejects all forms of violence calling on Ghanaian authorities to arrest the alleged Lebanese man.

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