Movie Lovers Grace Global Cinema In Their Numbers To watch “The Devil’s Backyard”


The movie stood to the expectations of everyone who went to Global cinema that evening and this made everyone applaud to almost every scene showed at the cinema. The director’s intention to keep viewers glued to their seat didn’t fail as everyone including the characters of the movie wished they could watch the movie again.

After the movie, everyone including characters came out to the red carpet with smile beaming on their faces.
The characters proved themselves not only to be talented but fashionable. Every attire they all wore seemed to be center of attraction on the red carpet. Many people who came to support the premiering also had their fashion sense on point, they also left after the movie with happy faces and was delighted Blackman (The Director) didn’t disappointed them

If everyone including the characters were fighting over and purchasing the CD of the Devil’s Backyard’s movie on that eve,, don’t hesitate to grab a copy for yourself.

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