Pizarea.com Supports Euni Melo’s Shoots with Papa’s Pizza

On Saturday 16th of March 2016, Pizarea the number one oneline food ordering business in Ghana and Africa decided to  continue their support for the upcoming artistes as usual by delivering 3 big sized Pizzas from Papa’s pizza to a location where  the talented young female act was taking shoots of her Naakp3 video.

The CEO of pizarea, admitted that such activities require busy schedules which makes food hard to come by,  therefore he was obliged to  send the team some pizzas to be used as lunch on set. Mixtic and Dada Solomon of PPP records, received the package on behalf of Euni Melo who was busily preparing for her shoot at that moment.

Pizarea.com is still working on supporting lots of talent like Euni Melo to fulfill their  social responsibilities to the creative art industry.

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