Prophet Badu Is Stupid And Foolish – Appeitus

Appiah Dankwah popularly known as Appeitus, a Ghanaian record producer has jabbed Prophet Badu Kobi for defaming Ashanti women

The founder of Glorious Wave International Church in one of his recent preachings described Ashanti women as bad wife materials, ungrateful and greedy women in the world.

Reacting to this, Appietus has blasted the Man Of God, calling him a fool and stupid.

He condemned Prophet Badu for allowing his anger with his wife lead him to insult other Ashanti women and continued to describe him as “divisive”

He said:
“If you have a problem with your wife (who is an Ashanti), do you come out to condemn all?
If your wife is greedy, does it mean all Ashanti women are greedy? he asked. I’m very disappointed. I didn’t believe a Man Of God of his age could make such statement. If Jesus Christ brought such division, will it be better for us? He is being divisive”

He continued to say that fellow men of God wouldn’t say such things so it’s either Prophet Kobi apologises or faces the wrath of Ashanti.

With anger and unrest, he stressed that;
” I can’t respect him because he doesn’t respect himself. Do you think Rev Obofour, Mensah Otabil and Duncan Williams will do this? He has insulted the Ashanti Queen. I’m an Ashanti and I know he’s a fool and stupid.

Source: Ghanaweb

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