Sanitary Pad should be free or affordable – Comedian Ob Amponsah Pleads

Ghanaian jokester and Optometrist OB Amponsah has suggested the need for sanitary pads to be affordable or if possible free.

As per him, feminine agony can be incredibly excruciating and extreme for ladies to get through subsequently ladies with dysmenorrhea ought to be allowed to take some few days off every month.

“Sanitary Pad should be free or be made very affordable.
Women with dysmenorrhea should be permitted to take a fee days off every month. If men bled through our d$$ks throughout the year, there would be a menstrual holiday every month for us”, he wrote.

OB Amponsah is known to be one of Ghana’s best comedian, Optometrist, and a TV have who has contributed decidedly and change the insight about Ghanaian comics not being entertaining.

His lastest satire exceptional named ” Popular but broke, was recorded to be perhaps the best parody extraordinary facilitated as of late and overwhelmed as discussed occasion across all medium.

Watch the video below

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