Secret Reveal ?? To Blow , Make Money And Chop Pretty Girls Is Every Upcoming artistes Dream – Don Mettal

Fast growing Ghanaian rapper Don Mettal in social media post earlier today has disclosed some deep hidden secrets about the desires of upcoming acts , especially the males in Ghana and maybe worldwide as well.

He revealed that it is the desire of every upcoming artiste to shoot into the limelight or national music scene with his music and make some cool cash out of hi/her talent but it doesn’t end there.

The Odo Dokodoko crooner also said , their fantasies do not end with only the fame and money but to screw some pretty damsels with their fame as well.

After all “Body isn’t a firewood like the popular saying admitted it

According to Don Mettal , these are the three major things the upcoming acts aim at on their music journey.

Do you agree with him ?? You can share your opinions with us via the comment box.

Anyways , Don Mettal got a new song dubbed Adey Sweat Coming your way any moment from now , Just anticipate.

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