Stacy Foundation to Bring Free Skill Training Program to All the 16 Regions of Ghana

Stacy Foundation is a nonprofit organization that was founded by Stacy Amewoyi. The Foundation seeks to share love and help those in need through entrepreneurship.
They accomplish this through a variety of practical efforts that made an eternal difference. The Foundation operates an orphanage, a job skills training program, and education center, just to name a few.
Stacy Foundation is embarking on bringing smiles, joy and entrepreneurship to the youth of Ghana. The foundation is planing on giving skill training to selected young people from the 16 region of Ghana from now till Easter next year.
Over the years, the Stacy Foundation has worked hard to give back by donating clothes and other items to children in need.
We hope to cultivate the unique potential of a young generation passionate about job skills training and skills development projects to facilitate them get a better future.
Stacy Foundation will want to call on the general public to support them achieve this amazing initiative, with your help and support, we can together give the youth a better future through our upcoming programs.
Videos and pictures will be published on our website (stacymfoundation.org), allowing viewers to access snapshots of life from around the 16 regions of Ghana.
Together, we will analyze our society from the bottom of the social hierarchy and utilize participatory to create awareness and hopefully provide a catalyst for social change.
Our main aim for this project will be focused on supporting the youth through job skills training program and skills development training.
With this initiative, Stacy Foundation hopes to inspire young people across Ghana to be happy and have confidence in our society.
You can joins us all

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