Stacy Mawuenam Amewoyi Impacting Lives One Step At A Time

It is often said the greatest legacy one can leave in his or her absence is the impact made in the life of others. It’s of no surprise why some of the worlds iconic figures are celebrated to date without any objections. Us-Based Ghanaian an Author  entrepreneur and philanthropist,brand ambassador, ( 3G media USA) Stacy    Mawuenam Amewoyi has over a long period of time carved an enviable yet divinely trademark to her work in reaching out to help people in deprived communities not only in the States but in Ghana as well.
Publicity hasn’t really been her thing, she rather prefers to do her work, impacts lives and moves on. Hence, making large quantities of her philanthropic activity not out there, not because she doesn’t have the means to push it but honestly, that’s the what believes in. In our conversation with her months back, she revealed more of the works she does in the States, her donation to orphanages, homeless people and more.
A quick check on her Youtube page revealed a few of the heartwarming works this industrious and passionate woman is doing. However, in recent times, her works have started gaining the attention of corporate institutions and individuals who share similar or stand on similar ideology of giving back to society.  She has been nominated for the ninth edition of the annual 3G Awards founded and managed by Mr Charles Nimmo Ntiamoah-Mensah, in the United States summarizing her impressive humanitarian works, the award show has honoured great individuals in the past.

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