Suspense, Drama, Tragedy &Comedy: Why You Must Watch “The Devil’s Backyard” On 6th March


The joy of hiring a male or female servant comes with a risk which can either breed a happy home or destroy a relationship. The general notion that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach is a testimony of how female servants seduce married men.

Never the less, a Christian family sees polygamy as an atrocious act whilst the Muslim embrace it as a way of reducing poverty. The epitome of this is a Muslim man will gladly marry his female servant if there should be an accident but unlike the Christian family, there will be war,the whole universe will turn to be a battle field. Prior to the premiere of the much awaited movie “The Devil’s backyard”, we take a look at few things movie lovers should expect.

Suspense: The director’s intention to keep viewers glued to their seat didn’t fail as everyone was waiting to see who was decorated with the GPS that was giving the police the direction.

Hhmm so sad and immature, this woman brought in a maidservant without the concern of his husband, the husband later took advantage of the girl and got her pregnant and the man then asked her to abort it. Upon refusal to do the abortion, the man plotted and got the lady kidnapped. Instead of settling your debts with your debtors, he tried to play smart and was……to be continued.

With more and more interesting scenes from this movie, Blackman has urged all individuals to show up on the 6th of March at the Global Cinema to support him on this project. The fusion of African culture is a key factor in our new movies as we saw KUKESI, ZOLI etc all projecting the culture.

Don’t hesitate to buy the ticket at an affordable price at Gh¢30.00 and watch ” The Devil’s Backyard”. Come and support made Ghana.

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