Fast rising and hardworking afrobeats artiste, Young Dceey says talent is not enough to ensure success in the music industry but blending the talent with good deeds makes one a fulfilled celebrity.

To him, the talent for music is a gift from God which must be used with a good purpose in mind to make the world a better place for others.

Known in private life as Simon Prah Aidoo, Dceey said he has given his life over to the cause of saving his family and the less privileged from poverty and hardship since his childhood experience was not rosy.

“I feel it is a responsibility and a duty to redeem my family from hardship since I was a victim of that hardship and I sometimes feel I caused it.”.

Young Dceey revealed this on Kwanso Dwoodwoo, the driver show on Okay FM.

Dceey told David Ofori Sarfo, who sat in for host Abeeku Santana, that during his childhood was admitted to hospital for days after losing consciousness one day. His parents spent a lot of money on hospital bills which rendered them bankrupt.

Dceey said he and his younger siblings had to do menial jobs to support the family. “I feel if I had not fallen sick, my parents would not have been poor. And now, I feel responsible to use my success to help them out and also to uplift people in similar situations.”

Most of Dceey’s songs preach about poverty and the need for the poor and under privileged to never give up in life but work hard to be great.

Dceey used the opportunity during his interview on Okay FM to encourage the youth to discover their talent and work hard at it. He however urged them not forget their backgrounds and always use their success to help the underprivileged in their communities.

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