Video of Dope Female Rapper Performing To Only 5 people Pops Up On The Internet

The internet has once again been hit with a very weird video of a talented Ghanaian female rapper performing To only 5 audiences.

The video chanced upon by Youngprs.com , has a crowd of only 5 people watching on as one of the rising iconic female rappers who is identified as Nana Hema Lyrical, a Kumasi-based artiste exhibited astonishing rap performance.

Regardless of the number of the audiences being very discouraging , the female emcee had been able to “Kill” her freestyle on the viral “Biibi ba” instrumental dished out by The Ghanaian rap star, Sarkodie for upcoming acts.

She did impressively well, very unusual of female rappers.

Youngprs.com has the video for you our cherished readers below.

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