Watch as Euni Melo Stars Kumawood Actors in her Survival Revival Music Video

Euni Melo comes your way with yet another blockbuster music video that would take your full attention.
This is not an ordinary video, considering the stars packed in the storyline.

Survival revival tells a story of the strive people go through to survive during hard times and also gist on how people commit crimes to survive.

This project was a solid collaboration between PPP RECORDS and Nebu ur’majesty who was the original director of some scenes used for the video footages.

The movie Ali is a star packed movie staring big names like Bill Asamoah, Rahim Banda , Late Abass , Yaw Dabo and many others.

The action packed movie have been brought back alive in this new music video shot by Taddi tomzy of Mogul means and edited at the Golden Wabbit Studios by Ernest Adofo.
Enjoy the story

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