What you must know about Victorious Music Entertainment Record Label(VME)


Music has been a business even though music lovers listen to it for fun.

One important aspect of being a musician dwells down to how funds get to you for your production and promotion works. Aside this,the right connection is a key factor to ensure money is not wasted on a song without getting results.

The involvement of management in music business is a key factor that helps people and uplifts them in their career. With this insight, Victorious Management Entertainment(VME) has done well since it’s formation in 2017.

VME is a Nigeria group based in Ghana record label founded in 2017. The label was founded by Victor O.Ozore, Courage Amudzi, Loiuse C.Bishop, Daniel Amudzi, Kelvin O.Adaji and Monday E.Baltimore. They are generally regarded as the only Afro-trap indigenous urban record label on the rise in West Africa.

Over the years, the label has been working with artist including Bantez Bantez, Paparazzi, Legendary DJ KI, Czar Stargate, Skinny Pounds, Pato Stargate. The label is currently focused on projecting these hardworking artist in the entertainment space.

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