Yazi Academy to transform Teaching and Learning in Ghana


A group of young innovative individuals Rama Zomaletho, Andrew Nagengast, and Dr. Mary Ashun have developed an application to support teaching, learning, and mentorship in Ghana.
The App, named Yazi Academy is an ed-tech company headquartered in both Accra, Ghana, and Nairobi, Kenya. Yazi endeavors to uncover and democratize the human learning algorithm to the benefit of all.
Yazi Academy set out to disrupt and evolve the understanding of education by providing new alternatives that consider the human condition and apply it to the community’s needs.
Rama Zomaletho, Project Lead of Yazi Academy, said the App was born out of a desire to see students and teachers enjoy learning and teaching while sparking their sense of curiosity and creativity.
” The aim of Yazi Academy is to create personalized learning opportunities for students on-demand, and new income streams for teachers,” he said.
We believe this will help stem the production line of the formulaic, industrial age, cut-for-procedure type of students we churn out the year in and year out. We want children to enjoy school, play, be creative and learn not to just solve exam questions but to also solve real-world problems.” he added.
With over a decade of managing technical and operational workflows for leading technology companies such as Blackberry, Google, and Amazon, Rama Zomaletho offers a unique blend of leadership, vision, and knowledge.
Chief Business Officer for Yazi Academy, Andrew Nagengast said the App offers professional development, and online coaching at will to help evolve your skills as a guide and aid your entrance into unknown fields previously unfathomed.
According to him, the Yazi App offers a combination of packages that will give students a comprehensive educational experience as the teaching and learning tools shape the development of creative and analytical skills which are required to solve the world’s challenges.
With over 15 years of experience from small startups to global technology corporations, Andrew has grown to become a success-driven business leader who thrives in a collaborative environment helping companies and teams achieve and exceed goals. He is passionate about building, coaching, and motivating successful sales and marketing teams across the globe to drive results through measurable results.
The Yazi Academy app can be downloaded from Google Playstore and Apple store or you can visit yaziacademy.com for more details

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